Welcome to Destination Disc Golf where your journey is just a throw away!!! I look forward to helping the disc golf sport and community grow by sharing my adventures playing at the numerous “hidden” gems scattered throughout the world. Disc golf is all around us, and my goal is to bring this fact into the spot light.

I have been playing for more than 10 years now, and have taught dozens of people how to play this amazing sport. So please, if you have any requests, questions, or comments please feel free to leave them on a post or to email me directly. I’ll be happy to answer anything thats within my scope of knowledge.

Otherwise, I really hope you enjoy reading about my adventures, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Last, but definitely not least, to all of the people who donated to the GoFundMe campaign to help me get this blog started… Thank you all so so soooooooo much. This is truly a dream come true, and without you I know that making this dream a reality would’ve been A LOT harder. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I owe you all big time!

P.S. Isn’t my official DDG mascot super cute?!?!? Her name is CiCi and she accompanied me for over 6000 miles during the summer of 2017 as I gathered all the start up content I needed for the blog. You’re a trooper little girl! Thanks for the cuddles lol!

Official DDG mascot checking out all the craziness of Yellowstone
So regal!!!