On the Road to Boise Ida… Where?


Here’s ALL of our stuff that we need for the summer. CiCi must’ve been pretty confused…

On June 27th of 2017, at about 9 PM, I finished packing up my newly rented, super adorable camper with all of my supplies. I got CiCi into her bright neon pink safety vest, followed quickly by ‘placing’ ┬áher into her cat carrier, and almost without a single scratch… almost. We said goodbye to our Los Angeles home, got in my RAV4 (her name is Dorothy and we affectionately call her Lil Lady D) and got rolling towards Boise, ID which was my first major stop of the summer. Just like that, this idea that had been floating around in my head for almost 6 months was ACTUALLY happening. And it was terrible, hahahahaha! Seriously, whoever thought it would be a good idea to turn a cat’s world upside down by moving all of her belongings out of her home, and then during her most active hour of the day (and CiCi is a very active kitty) get stuck in a packed up car for a 6 hour ride, really should have their head checked.

My black tabby CiCi wedged between a seat and my laundry in a fully packed car
CiCi’s first choice of seat for the road trip. Lasted about 2 minutes, maybe.

In retrospect, I am in no way surprised by the fact that she meowed louder than I’ve ever heard and for longer than I’ve heard her meow, but I can say that after an already really long arduous day, dealing with her in this state was less than ideal. Add in the fact that I was fighting winds that were moving easily twice as fast as I was at certain points I really started to question my life choices. Luckily, things have only gotten better since.

We stopped about an hour outside of Bishop, CA so I could try and get a little rest. This was somewhat thwarted because CiCi decided that she wanted to meow at every semi truck that passed us at the rest stop because, to her, these are large loud new monsters that she thinks I really should be concerned with. After a few hours of, I don’t know what to call it, definitely not sleep, I got us back in the car and back on the road. At this point though the sun had officially come up, and now CiCi started to get what was going on. She realized, “oh wait, all my favorite spots in the car from previous trips are already set up”. Plus we had come into the time of day that she usually just relaxes and/or sleeps through anyways. Instant improvement, and thank god too.

My black tabby CiCi looking out a window tentatively in the morning sunlight
Trying to figure what’s going on outside
My black tabby CiCi looking up towards me while on the road
CiCi getting more comfortable with her spots

Between Bishop and Boise the only time she decided to start meowing again was when the music stopped. The only time that the music stopped while on the road was when I got pulled over in Walker Lake, NV by a Nevada State Trooper. Apparently a lot of Californians roll the stop sign there in Walker Lake’s one main intersection. By the most strict legal definition I did in fact roll that stop sign. In reality though, I had literally no forward momentum left (I just didn’t get the little jerk by pressing the brake all the way down), the area I was in was 25 MPH, and THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ON THE ROAD I WAS TURNING ON TO. But clearly, this is how Walker Lake, NV survives. So in about a month I will send them 130 thank you’s for nothing I guess, hahaha. Of course, the world knew I wouldn’t be speeding EVER on this trip so it made sure I got at least 1 ticket somehow someway.

My black tabby CiCi checking out the inside of the camper
Giving the camper a smell
My black tabby CiCi looks at the door to the camper from inside
Can we go now?
My black tabby CiCi up on the top shelf of the closet
Finding her high spots right away

From Los Angeles to Boise the shortest route is just under 900 miles long, and most of it is through Nevada. So despite the fact that for most of this trip I will totally be stopping at all the random little towns and courses on my route, I just focused on getting me and my little girl up to Boise in one piece and with a semi sane mind.

When we got there we had the pleasure of staying at my dad’s place. Which, I think was really good for CiCi just because it gave her some time to process what was going on. It also gave me an opportunity to really test out how things need to be done to keep the camper cool enough for my precious kitty to be comfortable while I go throw. I’ve got to say that watching this cat explore new places is just too cute.

My black tabby CiCi looking out a large window
OoooO what’s out there?
My black tabby CiCi on the desk that I'm working at
Closer supervision lol
My black tabby CiCi looking back at me from the large window in the home
CiCi supervising my work

This was just the beginning for what turned out to be a spectacular summer full of sweat, blood, laughter, and disc golf. I played over 2 dozen courses in just 2 months to get this blog going, and I will be sharing all of them and more in the posts to follow!

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