Disc Golf Terminology

Hi everybody! I often use a wide variety of disc golfing terms throughout my blog posts so I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of these terms for all of you! There is a lot more detail that goes into a number of these concepts, so for the sake of providing a defiinition I’ll keep things as simple as I can here with plans to provide more instructional content in other posts. If you have any questions about terms here or ones you’ve heard before that aren’t on here please feel free to comment below!

Course terminology:

  • Round – One whole circuit of available holes. Usually around 18 holes.
  • Tee pad – Location for the first throw of each hole, often made out of either concrete or rubber.
  • Fairway – Area between tee pad and basket in which it is most often safest place for one to land.
  • Hole – aka ‘The Pin’ or ‘The Basket’- this is the goal/target for each hole – See picture below
  • Out of Bounds – O.B. – Any area designated not to have a shot land in. Landing in O.B. will add a stroke to the players score, and will either require one to shoot from the last place they were in bounds or from a designated drop zone.
  • Drop Zone- aka DZ – required spot in which to shoot from if a mandatory was missed or a shot went O.B. (not all holes with O.B. have a DZ)
  • Mandatory – Due to course layout, or to add extra difficulty, sometimes both, a mandatory will be created requiring one to usually shoot either to the left or right of a particular object, often a tree. If a mandatory is missed it is treated like going O.B. and will incur a stroke. Most holes with mandatories will have a DZ for those who miss.

Shot (or throwing) terminology:

  • Grip – How one holds the disc. Varies based upon shot types and disc selection.
  • Flight pattern – The route taken by a disc in flight – when referred to it is often with an ideal throw in mind
  • Backhand throw – The type of throw that comes to most people’s minds when talking about throw a frisbee/disc. Like the name suggests the disc is lead by the back of the hand for the throw and will usually have some portion of one’s back facing the hole during their wind up.
  • Forehand throw – aka sidearm or flick – The spin on the disc from this shot is opposite of the backhand throw so its flight pattern is also opposite. Instead of having one’s back turned and leading with the back of the hand this shot will have the chest facing forward and the forearm leading the disc.
  • Right Handed Shots – For a level standard Right Hand Back Hand (RHBH) shot it will naturally want to curve to the left. A level standard Right Hand Fore Hand (RHFH) shot will naturally want to curve to the right.
  • Left Handed Shots – Left handed shots will fly the opposite route of right handed shots. A Left Hand Back Hand (LHBH) shot will fly like a RHFH shot, and a Left Hand Fore Hand (LHFH) will fly like a RHBH shot.

Scoring terminology:

  • Stroke – a stroke is what constitutes the scoring system based off total number of shots it takes to complete a hole – the person with the least strokes at the end of the round wins.
  • Par – The suggested number of throws it should take a player to make it in the basket – most common par is to be in within 3 shots – if a player shoots par on a hole than no strokes are added or subtracted from their score.
  • Birdie – Getting into the basket in 1 less shot than the posted par – Getting a birdie subtracts one stroke from a players score.
  • Eagle -Getting into the basket in 2 less shots than the posted par – Getting an eagle subtracts two strokes from a players score.
  • Albatross -Getting into the basket in 3 less shots than the posted par – Getting an albatross will subtract 3 strokes from a players score.
  • Bogey –¬†Getting into the basket in 1 shot more than the posted par – Getting a bogey will add one stroke to the player’s score
  • A double bogey is 2 over par and adds 2 strokes while triple bogey is 3 over par adding 3 strokes and so on…
  • Course par – All pars for the course added together – For an 18 hole course that has all par-3 holes, the course par would be 54.