Kuna, Idaho Disc Golf Course Along Indian Creek

Outside of Boise, Idaho but still within the Treasure Valley, lies a farming community known as Kuna. While not a city by any means, Kuna is definitely a decent sized and quickly growing, little town. One of this town’s main entertainment sources is the expansive recreation area offered at Bernie Fisher park. Situated right along Indian Creek (which looked closer to a river rather than a creek to me) the Kuna Disc Golf Course is a right handed forehand (RHFH – click here for terminology) or a left handed backhand (LHBH) thrower’s dream. For almost every drive the best lane, best direction to land, and all around best possible shot would be either one of those throws.

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Kuna Disc Golf Course sign of the course map
Sign at Hole 1 with map of the course.

To be honest, this course would be the beginning of a very hard week on my shoulder. Leading in to this trip I was not throwing my forehand shot very much OR very well for that matter. But after a change of disc selection (thanks again to my LA throwing buddy Laffie for that Nate Sexton Firebird!) my sidearm drastically improved, as did the demand for it. By the end of this course the lack of variety in the drives had both my throwing buddy Jake and I over the sidearm shot (him more so than me – scorrrrrreboaaaaaaard).

Now I know this could easily be interpreted as whining and/or complaining, but I promise that this is a fun, nice, and well maintained course. Yes the sidearm shot is definitely the preference, but there are often backhand shots available as well. If you have any kind of decent sidearm shot though it’ll be hard to say no to it for 90% of your drives.

The start of the final 6 holes during sunset at Kuna Disc Golf Course

As mentioned, this course is nestled into a multi-use recreation area which means that it can get kinda crowded in a few spots. Especially during hot summer days and evenings where a lot of locals use the water access adjacent to the hole 1 fairway to float the creek. On the west side of the park, separated by a 2 lane road (the front side being 12 holes long and looping back to the parking lot from which it starts, or using an available crosswalk, one can cross the street to the back 6 holes), the disc golf course is encompassed by some baseball/softball fields near holes 3 and 4, a cement skate park by hole 5, and even a BMX race track along hole 6 before you turn around to head back alongside the creek.

Looking out over the open fairway from the tee pad towards a grove of trees.

Despite the many uses of this space, the only place I had an issue with people was hole 1. We decided to skip it at the time and come back to play it towards the end. Ironically though, Jake still hit someone on hole 1 when we returned later (to be fair, it was some chick on her phone and we had made our very best attempts to get her attention multiple times before even throwing)**.

Other than that, the course moved really well. We only waited once for the group playing  in front of us despite a good number of people that had been playing on the course at that time. Hole distances had nice variances, with very few really short or really long holes. The main range was 300-380 feet, which can feel a little long to beginners, but really seemed to be a good comfortable range for the size of the park. Kuna Disc Golf Course also takes advantage of some minor elevation changes, the biggest being roughly 40 total feet downhill and spread out over a 280′ hole 4. This low ceiling opening up over the top of medium sized pines made this one of my favorite shots.

To elaborate on the separation of the course, the front 12 holes have generally wider fairways and less O.B. than the back 6 does. Although, the O.B. available on the front 12, for the most part, comes with a higher risk of losing any disc that goes O.B. The front 12 also has quite a few more trees on it than the back 6 does. The trees here are reasonably mature, the tallest of which line the creek as a semi-permeable shield for wayward throws. In the meat of many of the fairways for the front 12 are short and wide Pine trees. There are some routes that can take you out and over on certain holes, but many trees force one to take a more true lane.

My friend Jake silhouetted as he watches his disc from the tee pad.
Oh Jake, it’s OK.

With its tighter fairways  on the back 6 holes these holes take advantage of elevation changes differently than the front 12 does. Where most elevation change you see on the front 12 is spread out along the fairway. The back 6 either has short and steep drop offs right off the tee pad, or the green is elevated and isolated from the fairway. The tree situation is a little different on the back 6 too. Most of the trees in the fairways on these holes are just saplings. Only the trees lining the creek show any maturity. Even then, there are still a couple shots that can take you into the water here, which would likely mean the loss of that disc. But that’s not all. The other side, opposite of the creek, of these tight fairways is residential property and considered O.B. too. Some of this out of bounds is fenced off while other parts are open so it does not instantly mean a lost disc, but it does add more risk of it happening. Control is more important than distance for these last holes.

The flow of the course as a whole was great. The parking lot was busy on a hot summer evening, but we  were still able to find parking easily enough. Hole 1 is right off the parking lot with a large sign showing a course map. This course was created in 2014 with all concrete tee pads, Innova Discather baskets, and seems very well maintained.

I'm holding my wizard putter pointed at the nearby basket of hole 12
Throwing that Super Stupid Soft Wizard for birdie on hole 12

Compared to most of the courses in the Treasure Valley the Kuna Disc Golf Course was a nice change of pace. I really got to work on my sidearm shot quite a bit, and was put in some unique throwing situations. It plays relatively fast and isn’t too hard on the arm, but is definitely bigger than any pitch and putt course. I think it’s a great addition to the community, and love to see what will come from it in the future.

I want to say a special thank you toTravis of BoiseDiscGolf who designed the course out here in Kuna. He has been an integral part of the Treasure Valley Disc Golf community. Even though our schedules didn’t line up I really appreciated Travis’s extra effort to go out of his way to help Destination Disc Golf Blog any way he could.

Thank you!

**To elaborate, for the most part she was behind a tree and right on the creeks edge. I decided to throw and, of course, since there was only 1 thing that I shouldn’t do it was almost exactly the one thing I did – I let go early and just missed her, followed by my disc sliding into the waters edge. Without blinking an eye, she slowly started to head to the splash in the water and grabbed my disc out. I didn’t really mind that she walked back toward us with it, at least it wasn’t in the water anymore. We thought at that point we clearly had her attention and Jake decided to throw. Would you believe it, we hadn’t thrown any real RHBH drives all evening, and now, on the last hole we played that evening, Jake ALSO released too early, resulting in his Roc actually hitting the lady square in thigh. We yelled FORE!!!! We waved frantically. We could have sworn she had watched the throw come in. Yet there was absolutely no effort by her to avoid it, try to foolishly catch it, or do ANYTHING. She didn’t even flinch when it hit her! She handed me my disc as we got down there, continued talking on the phone as Jake tried to apologize, and she left. It was weird, but thankfully she didn’t seem to be hurt.



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